Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lambs all around and I Can't Blog

Lambing, and I can't blog. . .
Grrr, how frustrating.
Something about cookies being disabled, blah blah-- I am so mad at my computer. I am at the library today, accessing my blog remotely.
But my photos are at home on that computer, so they will be added when I figure out Blogger's persnickety problem. (I DID! on Friday, 4/26!)

We've had some lovely lambs over the past 5 days. Things began on Friday night, 11pm. JustaLit'l Sarah produced twin boys. She has a (locally)favored fawn fleece, and one son is milk chocolate colored (fawn, I'd say) while one is dark chocolate (moorit). One has tight little curls in his fleece, I think the milk chocolate guy. One has a tiny white spot on his head (indicating spotted recessive gene? We can hope.) They're tall, good looking boys.

The next day, Little Red Oak April had another set of brown twins, but one is M and one is F. Adorable, friendly and approachable lambs from Day 1. Now bouncing around in the field.
Sunday was a day of rest, and then:
1am, Little Red Oak Yarrow delivered two ewe lambs: one a moorit HST, the other a musket with white tracery all over her head. Yay! Looking just as Yarrow did 2 years ago. And their fleece looks curlier, too-- Yarrow's is only wavy, but very thick.

6am, Amy twinned, 2 more fawn/moorit rams, just like Amy's mother, Justalit'l Sarah.

6pm, just before the thunderstorm began, Ferah produced black twins, M&F.
More about that later.

Tuesday, little yearling Abby produced a little spotted ram.

Now, waiting for the next wave (and ready to fall asleep at this computer.
So I'll sign off and come back when I am not SOOO SLEEPY.
Happy Spring, all.


Kim Nikolai said...

Hi Gail,
Congrats on all you lambs! Can't wait to see pics!

Let me know if you want help troubleshooting your cookies problem.

I've been having computer issues lately too. It developed a whine so I started replacing fans. Now it looks like all the fans were in working order and that the hard drive is the culprit. Looks like I'll need to put a new one in and reload everything, Yuck!


Garrett808 said...

Congrats Gail! I've been waiting to hear about them!!

Who are the fathers? It'd be interesting to see who was bred to who and whose producing what :) Curious minds you know!!

Becky Utecht said...

Wow Gail! You've been busy. Congratulations on all your healthy babies! I hope you get the computer fixed and can post pictures soon. And get some rest, too.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

How frustrating to hear about all your new lambs and not get to see them! (I know, it's much more frustrating to you.) I wonder if it's Blogger, or your internet connection, or your computer. Hope you can get it figured out soon.

Gail V said...

Hey everyone, thanks!
I took Kim's offer of help and ended up using a new browser (Mozilla Firefox) and have to use it to get around my AOL? Internet Explorer's? hangup about cookies.

So here were the first few photos taken of new arrivals.
I'll go to future blogs to post more!
Oh, and Garrett, I'll get some of the lamb's dads names in there.