Friday, April 25, 2008

Back at the Library

Hi again--library, same story. This was funny--Emily and I went home from the library on that sunny Wednesday afternoon, and from the driveway, could see Little Red Oak Malicious (oops, Mallow) bending over and licking a brown lamb clean. It was a lovely day, so we waited for her to finish up outside-- and she did, delivering a second ram a few minutes later.

Then we noticed her grandma, HH Bluebell, groaning on her side on the lawn nearby. We jugged Mallow and sons (both brown, one with white tufts behind the ears and cheeks) and gave Bluebell a few minutes. She can only produce Ag or Awt lambs, so. . . a brown (musket, then) ewe popped out first, a big girl, with white tracery around her head, identical to her older sister, Yarrow-- and then, a white ram lamb. My first white lamb! Same brown speckled legs and face and tail tip, like his mother. The fleece is what Bluebell's all about, and I just don't know, yet, about these two. The musket ewe is curlier than big sis, Yarrow, and the white ram has super-soft curls, but not tight.
So it will be exciting to see them both grow up and develop.
Library's closing, gotta go!

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Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

So nice to hear about your lambs, Gail. I look forward to when you can post photos again. All the best to you!