Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kids and chickens

This picture makes ME crow!
Farm girl Emily loves these 3 Buff Orpington chickens, while an americauna rooster looks on; Jake the cat will pounce on any seated human to seek snuggles.


Terri D. said...

It's a great picture, Gail! She looks like a happy girl!

Garrett808 said...

I saw some buff orpington roosters today at the exotic animal auction!! 4-8 dollars. I didn't know if you wanted one so I held back, but they are striking!

Nancy K. said...

I'm with Emily! It amazes me, the unique and distinct personalities that chickens have. Your cat doesn't "hunt" them? I'm worried about putting my new chickens out with the sheep for fear that my cats will kill them!

Gail V said...

Hi you guys,
Garrett, I had 11 Buff Orps as chicks this spring, but our other mama hens set 15 more chicks so we sold 8 Buff Orps (for $8 each). They are nice, mild, sweet hens that lay big brown eggs. Emily babied several as chicks and kept 3 favorites.
Nancy, my cats used to hunt our chickens. Eventually, they got over it. Maturity is part of that, but I think having ducks really changed their perception of birds--they don't try to tackle the big birds. I don't let small sized chicks outside a little fenced yard, though, only BIG ones.