Saturday, May 26, 2012

Finn and Shetland lambs-- take one, or two!

I think the Finn ewe lambs have homes-- I still need to match up two that are left.  I'll post them here, so their buyers can see them:
Sukka is the brown yearling ewe who had these two black HST lambs.  I will keep the boy, on the right.  His sister, left-- not a terribly flattering pose, we've called Flower, for the skunk in Bambi-- if you see the resemblance.  She's bigger and sturdier now.  Sukka's been an excellent mom.
Maple is a lovely musket Shetland ewe who is a dear pet of mine.  Her mom was a largish, white ewe with superabundant fleece, Highland Hollows Bluebell;   her dad was a beautiful mioget ram named FirthofFifth don Telmo Bourbon.  She got his reddish brown color, which faded to cream.  Maple has a modified brown ram lamb this year.  Oh, Emily has Mikie the cat in her lap, as well as Maple.

Next, Emily wins the heart-- for the first time! Of a little black Finn ewe lamb.  Her mom, Kimi, is the gray/black ewe in the middle, while Maple still hopes to hold onto her position with Emily...

This other little Finn ewe lamb will go with a badgerface lamb (seen in the last post) to live in Missouri, with Jennifer.  I just had to show you how danged sweet she is.  Emily is petting her brown Shetland favorite, Annie, and the little ewe.
... but apparently, not enough!

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Terry said...

Hi Gail,

Love the photos of Emily and the lambs. I have some friendly "climbers" who can't get enough petting, too, and I am trying to break them of that habit before they get so big that it won't be cute anymore. Hard, though.

How's Howard doing?