Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Forrest's been lucky---here are some of his lambs.

Dear Husband (DH) Howard's first hospital day for chemo coincided with Forrest's butcher date, so Forrest got lucky and missed his butcher appointment.
Then, I got lambing updates from the two farms I leant Forrest to last fall.  Now I don't know:  if I really want a spotted, polled ram, is this what Forrest carries?  Or should I keep looking?  It seems that what Forrest throws are bersugget or headsplashed spotted lambs, but not the spottedness I am after, which is harder to get.  Here's a photo of what HALF of his 10 or so lambs looked like:
Friend Lori, holding one twin he produced out of her ewe, LittleRedOak Mallow, a moorit who has thrown HST lambs (white Head, Socks, Tail).  Forrest, remember is musket-- and had white tracery on his face as a lamb.

This bersugget patterned lamb is also from Mallow.

Next, triplets he fathered from LRO Catnip, a wildly spotted moorit ewe (Mallow's twin! The wool looks tightly crimped.

And finally, a black lamb with white splashes out of LRO SunBear, a black ewe whose mom had even more white head splashes. 

So, what do you all think of Forrest's potential?  Piebald spotting is hard to find;  polled rams are hard to find, and the two together are very few!  I need one!


Michelle said...

Well, if I had a polled ram with good structure and great fleece who reproduced those qualities and produced SOME spotting, I'd keep him!

Kelly Bartels said...

I'd say you have some nice lambs out of a nice ram. And I'm inclined to agree with Michelle that it's a nice package in a ram to have all those good qualities. Are you thinking of getting a new ram because you need to introduce new bloodlines?

Gail V said...

Yes, Kelly-- I have so few shetlands, now, and have 2 Forrest half sisters, his son, and his niece among them
I need different blood here...