Friday, May 6, 2011

Shetland and Finn Lambs

It's spring, why am I surprised to be taking care of dozens of lambs and baby chicks?

Bluebell's twins are gray and white ewes, but the white one is a surprise:  polka dotted with what the sheep people would call phaeomelanin, I think.  I expect the spots to fade away, but stay tan stained on her legs and face.  NOT the best picture, but I have a new one with the entire family, soon!

Here we go:  I am so delighted to get a gray ewe-- both lambs are ewes.
Lassi's finn lambs #2 and 3? on their first day out, last week--note the huge
 size variation. I'm new with triplets/quads. I get the feeling this is common,
and can expect them to even out in size as they age.

Finn babies finding their wheels!


Kelly Bartels said...

They are beautiful Gayle. The little black and white one is wildly spotted. How fun.

Marcia said...

Is there anything cuter?

Marcia said...

Gail, I didn't realize I was signed in as Marcia, but they are still cuter. BTY, we have 5 new kittens, one polydactyl,with 7 toes. Jean