Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Going to Washington

The state. For fun, soon!
Any of you sheep bloggers who see this, or even people who just TRAVEL and have good ideas, email me your suggestions about what to see, where to go, please? It will save me research time, and I'll think of you while I try your suggestion.

I spent a winter in Washington, once. Warm and rainy, much better than Minnesota's winter! I remember a rain forest in the north, somewhere. . . and picking shells on a beach in Puget Sound. . . and how people would say "the Mountain is Out today", meaning the skies were clear and Mt. Rainier was visible-- as though a mountain could ever be "in".

I prefer natural wonders more than museums or stores-- way more.
I could drag my fellow travelers to a sheep farm or festival, if I had one in mind.
I might fly there and buy camping eqpt. and donate it all before flying back! It'd be cheaper than hotels, and I LIKE the outdoors.

And what's the weather like now? What do I need to pack?

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Nancy K. said...

Have FUN!!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I'm just south in Oregon! I'd take in Mt. St. Helens while you here, if you like being wowed by the power of natural forces. The weather this time of year is generally good, dry, warm and sunny, although sometimes overcast. Usually don't get as much rain as we'd like this time of year! (Of course, the farther north you go towards Seattle from here, the more average rainfall they get.) It's strawberry season, so be sure and get some. The NW varieties are far superior to CA berries, but don't ship well, so we happily eat them all right here.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

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Donna said...

I live in NW Washington State. You are welcome to visit if you are in the area. If you are in this area the North Cascades Highway is hard to beat for it's scenic views of the rugged mountains. There is the San Juan Islands to the west of us. The Olympic Penisula has amazing mountains, ocean beaches and rain forests. You can email me privately too with your itinerary and I can provide suggestions for other parts of the state too. I have lived here my whole life as has my family several generations back so I should be able to answer your questions.

Gail V said...

Thanks for the local knowledge, Donna and Michelle! Wish the Black Sheep Gathering was happening a week later! I've spent the week lining up a rental car and looking at the WA tourism site.
It's Quinalt where I saw the rain forest, stayed at Kalaloch lodge-- I think we will again.
I looked for Skagit (poor map) so I didn't see that yet. . .
I'll work on this more this week and will email you, Donna.
thanks again

Wrensong Farm said...

AH! There is SO much to see and do, in the 30+ years I've been hear I doubt I have even scratched the surface!

As mentioned the North Cascades is a beautiful drive, lots of gorgeous view points.

Taking a trip on the ferries is always a pleasure, all the small islands and beautiful homes, chances to see orcas and other wildlife.

Just for a taste of the city, Pikes Place Market in Seattle is fun to visit.

Hiking there is Wallace Falls, and the Ice Caves trails just opened up.Mt Ste Helens was also mentioned, well worth seeing.

Northwest Trek for visiting the animals in close to their natural habitat. Hiking around Mt. Rainier.

I'm another one if you give me an idea of your itinerary I could give you suggestions. Now is definitely the time to eat all our fresh fruit and vegtables!