Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 19th, the day of record-breaking heat in MN

We're trying to wean these bottle babies. Opinions, anyone? They were born April 9th, so. . . they are 5+ weeks old? The Premier catalog says, cut 'em off, water only, at 5 weeks. The Storey Guide to Raising Sheep says only "days. . . 18?-35" feed 3x day, a pint. . . no more data. Implied, no more bottle after 35 days? I couldn't cut 'em off, not yet-- they're getting a baby bottle--8oz, twice a day, with a bottle of water in between. Of course they have a great grass/alfalfa pasture. And they are fat. But they still look like little lambs, knee high-- a week or two older than all my other lambs, some of whom have nearly caught up to them! Let me know your thoughts, thanks.
This is, you know, what happens when you try to photograph overly friendly sheep-- they come running and fill the camera frame:

These next two pics are now a week to two weeks old. Did I mention I've been sick? REALLY sick, like, was that the swine flu? Or just bronchitis? A whole week, plus.
Here's Little Red Oak Catnip again, a smallish spotted ewe out of LRO Yarrow and Minwawe Equator. Laid-back, friendly. A good mama. Her ewe lambs are starting to like being petted. Splash and Smudge, for the marks on their heads.

And the pack of brown lamb-boys. Many are sprouting horn buds-- which I'll keep an eye on. I'm hoping for one good polled or scurred rammy to use on some ewes this year. Probably the twin to January, the katmoget in my last post. His name is March, or Mars. . . and he's the alert little guy on the right, with the white wisps on top. But gee, that middle lamb looks pretty good. . . time will tell.


Becky Utecht said...

I'm so glad it didn't get that hot up here yesterday! I hear today is supposed to be above 90, I hope not!
We had two bottle babies in 2006. We kept on bottle feeding them until they were about 10 weeks old. We used the Land O'Lakes milk replacer which was really nice stuff. The last two weeks I started watering it down and eventually they just got straight water. They stayed as big as the rest of the lambs. We still have those two; they are excellent mothers. Hope you feel better soon.

Sabrina Wille Erickson said...

Those are gorgeous boys, Gail.
Hope you feel better soon.

Gail V said...

Hi You Shepherds!
thanks for the well wishes, both of you, and the compliment, Sabrina. And thanks, Becky. I think I'll feed them longer, then. I have the milk replacer. . . and it has all the vitamins/minerals they need. It's gotta be good. Kim had told me not to cut back, that she had a bottle lamb that stayed SO SMALL, so that was my hesitation.
Oh, and the temp yesterday? 97!
I saw it was very cool up north where you guys are. Today will be hot, too, with 30-50mph winds. Yikes! Oh, and now DH is getting sick. ;-(

Nancy K. said...

What a wonderful, surrogate mom you've been Gail! You're lambs look super. It looks like you've got a great bunch of boys to chose from.

I hope you and your hubby both feel better soon! I had it too ~ for a good 2 to 3 weeks. Absolute misery.

Be well!

Candy Taft said...

I just love all the photos of your lambs. I hope you have an easier time weaning the lambs than I did weaning my little kitten last year. That took forever. It sounds like you are finally feeling better. Glad to hear it. The last 2 days have been awful with the heat and the wind and were probably harder to handle being sick.

Terri D. said...

Thanks for asking the weaning question. Our milk replacer says to wean at a minimum of 30 days and 25 pounds. I think we will go longer also for our little Duncan. Your lambs look happy. I hope you feel better soon!

Karen B. said...

All the moorits are so pretty, what a nice looking bunch. It's no good being sick, hope you're soon completely on the mend.

Connie Peterson said...

Yes, we had 98ยบ that hot, hot day. Plus ucky wind.

Your lambie-pies are so cute.

I love the brown wool, thank you - it is so beautiful. Haven't spun any but my neighbor, Jody, has and loves it.