Sunday, June 3, 2007

Woo Hoo! My first sheep sale!

Oh ta da. . .
I sold my first sheep! A yearling ewe (Lyra, the first lamb born here) with her ewe and ram lamb at her side! From 48 sheep down to 45!

Howard, my husband, and I stood at the perfect, new box stall where we left the little ones and looked in to say goodbye--

Since being sold (or worse) is the usual fate of sheep, it was nice to know that these 3 got to go to a new scary place WITH EACH OTHER. They will be fine, they have great new owners who love their animals. They thought Lyra and lambs were just so cute!

Lyra is black iset, and her lambs are black, too, with white head "splashes". I sold them unregistered as pets, pretty inexpensively-- because I really want to keep fewer sheep over the winter and lambing season, and in my second year of breeding, I have more focused breeding goals. I have a couple of "old timer" sheep who have become pets I couldn't sell-- two are black. That's enough for me, since dyeing fleece for spinning is what I really enjoy.

I have another smaller, more delicate black, yearling ewe with a black ewe lamb at her side I'd like to sell, too. It is Tansy, daughter of Minwawe Panda Bear and Bluff Country Bravo. Tansy's shy, but curious about me at times. Her little daughter is out of a spotted moorit ram, Minwawe Equator, and both girls look great. I think I'd sell this pair for $250.
Oh, in this photo of Tansy & lamb: notice how tall the pasture would be if the fence wasn't there! some of the girls have taken to putting their whole heads through the woven wire squares at top to snack on that good alfalfa!
--Waiting for a stretch of sunshine on the prairie so we can cut that hay & bale it!

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